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My name is Hailey Mae Niswanger, I am a saxophonist, composer, vocalist, and lover. My passion for music has been the driving force of my life ever since I can remember. Throughout my childhood years I studied piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute and accordion. Saxophone became my main focus and upon graduating high school, I went on to attend Berklee College of Music to study Jazz Performance. During my freshman year of college, I released my first album, Confeddie (2009). After graduating, I moved to Brooklyn, where I began working as a professional musician, and released my second jazz album, The Keeper (2012). A few years later, I released my third album, a funk project titled PDX Soul (2015), thanks to a successfully funded crowd campaign. And while all these projects were representative of me at those times, I felt like I had yet to find the sound that was truly my purpose, and where I felt the most free. 

So I started letting go of concepts, boxes, and genres that would tell me to write or play a certain way. I opened myself up to all the many different influences around me, and began recognizing our connection to all the life we see and beyond. Meditating on this, I let the music flow through me, without judgement, and found MAE.SUN. This is the most honest, and real I have ever felt with my music, and I believe it's music for the world, intended to help us be free and conscious of the interdependent nature of reality. 

Last December we went into the studio to record Vol. 1: Inter-be. The album features Nikara Warren on the vibraphone, Andrew Renfroe on guitar, Axel Laugart on keys, Aaron Liao on bass, David Frazier Jr. on drums, and I am on soprano sax and vocals. But releasing an album is not easy. It takes months of preparation before and after the recording. It costs a great amount to pay for the studio time and engineer, the musicians, the mixing and mastering of the album, as well as the expenses for pressing the album, the visuals, distribution, and promotion. 



I have been able to budget on expenses so far, but I am in honest need of help to complete the first volume, in addition to recording and releasing the second. If this campaign is successfully funded with $15,000, it would help both of these projects come to fruition. In exchange for your donations, you would receive digital and autographed hard copies of Vol. 1, stickers, T-shirts, a poster of the album art work done by the talented Anna Lise Holly, handmade dream catchers, Skype lessons, VIP tickets to a future concert, a cover recording song of choice, or an original composition. 

It is my dream to release as much honest music as possible, and to make this world a better place through the music. Your contribution will help this music thrive; and in a world with so much separation, fear, and pain, I believe that it is a necessary reminder to be love. Any amount is extremely helpful, and if you are unable to contribute financially but still believe in our music and message, we would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word to your community about this project.

Thank you so much for your support, and I am so excited to bring you all MAE.SUN Volumes 1 & 2!