MAE.SUN is a band formed by saxophonist, vocalist and composer, Hailey Niswanger ( The drive behind this project is to awaken the sun of awareness in each of us. It is a call for the shift in collective consciousness that is needed in order for society to change. A change that will be possible by realizing the interdependent nature of reality. Hailey is very influenced by the teachings of Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, when composing as MAE.SUN. The project is intended to be performed and listened to as a suite of music, taking you through a journey of thoughts, feelings and perceptions, that ultimately change every time the music is performed. MAE.SUN is a fusion of genres, but can be most closely categorized to contemporary jazz. It is music for the world.

MAE.SUN is based in New York City, and has performed at National Sawdust as part of The Revolution series and ‘We Are Here’ benefit concert, Club Bonafide, and Williamsburg Music Center. Their first album, Vol. 1:Inter-be, was recorded in December 2016 and it set to be released fall of 2017. The core members of MAE.SUN are Hailey Niswanger on soprano saxophone, vocals, and all compositions, Nikara Warren on vibraphone, Axel Tosca on keys, Andrew Renfroe on guitar, Aaron Liao on synth and electric bass, and David Frazier Jr. on drums. MAE.SUN has also regularly featured Paul Wilson (Bae Bro) on keys, Davy Levitan (Space People) on guitar, Spencer Murphy on bass, and Louis Cato on drums.